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Gaasperplas, 2022


In advance I did not expect how the above and underwater world sometimes merge perfectly. How nature has the upper hand and when nature gets the time everything grows together.


Due to our adaptability, man becomes further removed from the natural origin. It makes us forget that we are still part of nature, and especially dependent on its system. Most astonishingly, we need scientists to determine or (re)define the status of nature and the environment. People expect solutions to environmental problems from the scientific and political angle, without bearing too great a responsibility for themselves.


With the Waterland project I want to build on the starting point of Mist, the changing human behaviour, and man versus nature. Now more focused on the role that water plays in urban areas. How the water gets in our way, but also how we desperately need water. The friction it creates in these areas and the science that constantly tests and implements new methods to find the balance.


Giclée print op Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl papier.

Formaat 30x22 cm zonder witrand.




Niels Stomps / 30x22 cm

€ 100,00Prijs

    Met de aanschaf van deze fotoprint steun je

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