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Satijn Panyigay makes photographic work that invites the viewer to slow down. She is fascinated by the human psyche, but mainly photographs vacant spaces that temporarily fail to fulfill their function. Such as the exhibition spaces in museums and their depots, as well as the interiors of newly built homes or locations under renovation. During solitary, meditative explorations of the empty spaces waiting to be used, images emerge that create a balance between light and dark, serenity and gloom, resilience and vulnerability. She wants to convey the silence she experiences there. Small details and subtle colors seem to emerge, along with room for contemplation. Her strict yet poetic work, devoid of direct human narratives, is surprisingly humane - it speaks to the feelings of the observer.


Giclée print on Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl paper.

Size 30x20 cm without white border.




Satijn Panyigay / 30x20 cm

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